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The No Waste Masterplan to focus on electronics, packaging, food waste: Mashages

SINGAPORE: Singapore will regain the waste management cycle for three mainstream rubbish: Food waste, packaging waste and e-waste, under its first Main Future Plan, says Minister for Environment and Water Resources Zulkifli Masagos.

The ministry has designated 2019 as the Year of Towards the Future of Waste, in a campaign that aims to raise awareness of waste issues and the need to protect resources.

At 21 per cent, the Singapore household recycling rate is low compared to other developed countries such as Germany and South Korea.

Although Singaporeans practice recycling practices better, many still do it wrong, Mr Masagos said in an interview with 938NOW broadcast on Friday (February 1).

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The blue recycling bins set in the Housing and Development Board apartments "are becoming increasingly welcoming in many estates," but some are still treated as general waste bins, he says. the minister.

According to the National Environment Agency, approximately 40 per cent of the load collected from these bins has been broken down.

"There is still abuse there," said Mr Masagos. "Recyclable materials become useless if you throw food and liquid with them."

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But everything is not lost when using blue bins. Mr Masagos said that more residents were being educated better about appropriate recycling practices and they are beginning to use blue bins in the right way.

"We were struggling to put there but people really want them to get there now. If we can achieve this simple act of not mixing food waste with other recyclable materials, our domestic recycling rate will improve & # 39; really, "he said.


The Mashage Minister has also turned to unusual methods to encourage his Tampines West constituents to adopt a non-waste attitude. Untreated plastic bottles have now been banned from the Community Club (CC).

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"I do not see why we should be carrying around PET or one-off plastic water bottles. We should invest in re-used plastic bottles and fill it with tap water instead.

"So here is one zero-waste aspect that we encourage in my constituency, where it's in our FC that we have not completely banned PET bottles." It's something we all have to practice, "he said.

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Minister for Environment and Resources of Masajes Zulkifli with Melanie Oliveiro 938NOW. (Photo: MEWR)


Electronic waste or e-waste is one of the waste streams that Mr Masagos is particularly concerned about due to its toxic nature.

"We are producing over 60,000 tonnes (of e-waste) per year. This is the same as we all throw one handheld phone per week," he said.

To bring Singapore closer to its zero waste goals, $ 45 million has been invested in smart technology harvesting, as well as research and development.

Mr Masagos said an example was finding other uses for the country's lowest ash (IBA), which is usually dropped to Pulau Semakau landfill sites.

"We are looking at the possibility of using R & D and technology to draw potential toxic metals of the IBA. If we can do it effectively, we can mix the IBA with building materials and also used to build our roads, "he said.

Mr Masagos added that, if this was to come to fruition, the PUB would not have to worry about toxic metals joining the Singapore water system when the IBA is reused.

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"All of this is part of an ecological framework. The forthcoming Zero Waste Master Plan will therefore take into account the beneficial effects and effects that our treatment waste can have on our ecology," he said.

Mr Masagos spoke to 938NOW in his first series of Time Question interviews that include weekly interviews with mental leaders and news producers.

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