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The Marvel movies are debriefed: The Galaxy Recap Guardians, Legacy links and MCU t

This article contains spores for Galaxy Y Guardians and the wider MCU.

Galaxy Y GuardiansThe classic success of the underground story is now well known. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 had experienced some ups and descents – Thor: The Dark World was one of the least popular films performed by the MCU, and Iron Man 3, although he performed well financially, he was splitting real opinion. Captain America: Winter Soldieron the other hand, when taking less at the box office, it was one of the most commendable MCU films and there was an expectation on the fever Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Galaxy Y Guardians to be released between the two major installments, that strip-drum is the continuous saga that was slowly developing. Guardians by his own role to play in that saga, offering the first clear explanation of the Infinity Stones, providing the first pieces of detail on Thanos, and making it Clearly that Stage 3 is likely to be dominated by a 1991 Marvel Comic book series adjustment, The Infinity Gauntlet.

However, Infinity Stones is aside, Galaxy Y Guardians take the MCU in a radical new direction. Thor a Thor: The Dark World had suggested that there was a wider universe out there, but this was the MCU's first space opera. There is only one character (half) human and it leaves the Earth before the credits open. The story asks us to look after a new planet that we have never seen before and takes us on a colorful journey around some of the more elegant corners of the galaxy.

However, the Guardians themselves were key to the “never working” narrative formed around the film before release. A green-skinned space is a babe immediately out of 60s Star Treka kind of warrior played by a wrestling star, a walking tree and, most damning, racco where wise talk sounds like a bizarro recipe for disaster for many. When the film opened to a critical response and great success at the box office, it seemed that the underdog had been victorious.

What this narrative is not credited, of course, is that the director and co-secretary James Gunn knows what he was doing when he wrote the MCU version of the Guardians. The Marvel comics Guardians team has had a number of different members over the years in two important versions, so Gunn and co-secretary Nicole Perlman (not led by Kevin Feige and restricted by rights issues would be; Preventing content, say, Kitty Pryde had some choice when forming their Cinematic Universe team.The walking tree and the raccoon spoke were not included because they were strange but were essential characters – they were included because Gunn and Perlman knew what they were doing and what they wanted to do with the franchise.

What makes the Guardians' work is its bright, colorful, pop-up scene. Walking and talking trees don't seem so strange when they live in a wild and crazy universe where anything is possible. It is no coincidence that one of the stars of the TV series Farscape (Ben Browder) has played a part in the sequence – there is the same combination of visual and honest feeling that rushes the Guardians movies.

As an independent film, Galaxy Y Guardians a classic, entertaining classic, ski-fi. Our heroes (anti-) are a right combination of bad and nice. Gamora (Zoe Saldana) is "the most fatal woman in the galaxy" but we don't see her killing anyone on the screen in the movie and she's trying to escape to Thanos, so it's fine . We are not quite clear what Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista) has destroyed, but we know he wants revenge for the murder of his family, which the congregation can sympathize with. Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel) seem to be interested in stealing things, which in real life most people would be angry about, but what audiences are It is happy to forgive a cinema regularly, or otherwise a heist film would not exist as a genre.

The movie is a origin story, but we avoid cursing repetitive origin stories by not needing to explain how the heroes got the powers or skills they have. Peter's power is held off for the sequence, Nebula explains his background in a few lines, and while we were queuing around the block for a film explaining the tragic origins of Rocket Raccoon, it's probably not no one makes that film now.

Instead of the story of How X Got Powers, this is a story How The Got Together Together, and those with a much more flexible structure. To receive it, the movie strikes everyone's predictable beats that come together, tear apart, and come together again, but in the MCU, just t Avengers joins has followed that structure of the front, allowing this movie to offer something new and fresh.

Guardians represents a new direction to the MCU in many ways, to humor to take a risk to welcome a colorful comic color book. MCU Phase 3 would go on to receive much more critical compliment than Phase 2, installing worn out structures and going out into more stringent areas of the Marvel UniverseDoctor Strangea) hiring directors choices on the left (Taika Waititi for Thor: Ragnarok) as well as ultimate green light films led by black or female actors (Black Panther a Captain Marvel). Without the Guardians' success, and without that test it can take what looks like risk on paper pay when the film makers know what they are doing, it's unlikely that Step 3 could have done the way.

Unique view: There are many great views in Guardians, including our anti-hero arrests and rap sheets, everyone standing in a circle and of course the “big break”. But the signature scene of the film must be a scene playing during the opening credits that introduce us to the adult Peter Quill, as he dances around a dilapidated alien landscape to Redbone; s Come and have your love. That scene tells us exactly what to expect from this film – fun and disregard.

The best quip: Guardians full of funny one-liners and almost every character has a moment to rock someone else or else tick our funny bones. Rocket's remarkable cynicism is volatile and brilliant (“A bunch of jackets, standing in a circle!”) But all the best sheets come from Drax, just because he doesn't have an idea that they are quips. Drax's culture is completely literal, so conversions go over his head – though as he says heavily, “There's nothing going over my head! My reflexes are too fast. I'd catch it. ”

First Appearances: Although we have seen some of the wider Marvel Universe (Cinematic) in Wales Thor a The Dark World, here's the movie that not only introduces the characters of the Guardian and their supportive characters (such as Nebula and Michael Rooker's by Michael Gillan), but the wider world of aliens and planets t Their wars and their leagues. So as well as the tlarlar motley crew, wHe also met some key Kree (Ronan Lee Pace, Korath Djimon Hounsou) and spent time on planet Xandar's enemies, as well as visiting the Collector (Benicio Del Toro) on Knowhere.

This film also gives our first full explanation of the Infinity Stones. We have already seen the Stone Space (in the Tesseract) in Captain America a Avengers joins, the Mind Stone (in Loki scepter) t Avengers joins, and the Reality Stone in the form of the Aether into Thor: The Dark World. But this is where the Collector outlines their origin and explains what they are, while the plot revolves around the possession of the Power Stone.

Goodbye long: The Collector's pink skin assistant appeared in the post credit references Thor: The Dark WorldBut it's ended badly here, so that the audience understands what happens to deaths trying to catch Infinity Stone. The Power Power is also used to destroy Ronan, but it will not be the last we see at the MCU (see below). There is also a question over the fate of Groot – does Groot sacrifice himself and die, and Baby Groot is his offspring? Or is Baby Groot the same character, to re-grow? Either way, something is lost when an adult Groot sacrifices himself for his friends.

Everything has to be connected: As an opera space takes place millions of miles of the Earth, t Galaxy Y Guardians stand alone more than most movies in the MCU. However, there are still links with this wider story.

• The Tesseract and Aether appear in holographic images as the Collector outlines the origin and nature of the Infinity Stones – and of course, this film presents the Stone Power.

• Later in the real world (but 20 years earlier in the universe), we see younger versions of Ronan and Korath coming across Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. The tough and fragile peace between the Kree and Xandar also gets a little more context in that film, as we learn more about Kree's imperialism.

• And of course, although we don't see that the MCU itself is so bad, Thanos gets some lines for the first time in this film. Meet Gamora and Nebula is what really gives us our first understanding of what kind of character it is. Our man (big, purple) has at least two adopted daughters, both of whom want to kill him. Beautiful.

Credit check: Only one is picking on Galaxy Y Guardians, at the end of the credits. We see that The Collector has survived and that his collection includes Howard the Duck who has now been released, which seems to have taken on recent events.

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What do you think? Galaxy Y Guardians? Have we missed your favorite moment or reference? Let us know in the comments below … t

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