Monday , September 26 2022

The expert rejected the myths that were involved in withdrawing alcohol before driving


Эксперт развеял мифы, связанные с выводом алкоголя перед вождениемWorrying or serious is the improvement better not to drive.

Experts believe that many methods in the fight against hanging can not be justified.

Consider the most common myths of how you can get rid of fastening quickly.

Myth # 1. Cold shower. This method is good tonic and supplements the brain with oxygen. But this method does not help with the crime. With cold water it is impossible to bring residues of alcohol from the blood. Also, it's dangerous to health, like the dilated vessels after alcohol, a bad reaction to cold water.

Myth # 2. Amonia. Some believe that breathing or drinking a few defects of ammonia can weaken, save you from hanging. This is a misconception. In two cases, ammonia does not contribute to any chemical reactions that can eliminate alcohol from the body. Also use ammonia without a direct, dangerous purpose.

Myth # 3. Coffee. Modest amounts of coffee to promote notice and activity. But the combination of alcohol caffeine reduces its effects to a minimum. Also, drinking coffee hangs badly to health, because it has an extra load on the heart. This is because the heart is suffering from lack of oxygen after drinking.

Myth # 4. Boards. This method may be very helpful with finishing. The arrow regenerates the body's water and salty deficiency. But the more it does nothing, and there are no physiological effects.

Myth # 5. Water. Many people think that drinking a lot of water during sleep, helps to eliminate alcohol from the blood. But it's also misleading. Yes, water can help to spray your thirst, but the effect in the bargain with finish is not expected.

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