Tuesday , January 25 2022

Taylor Swift's signs record dealing with Universal Music, Entertainment News & Top Stories


NEW YORK • After more than 12 years, there's a new album for six albums and 10 Grammy Awards as a Nashville-based Big Machine Records star, Taylor Swift.

And the singers – who became an unpaid agent this month, a year after releasing his latest Famous album – published on Instagram earlier this week, she had signed a multi-year multi-album agreement with Universal Music Group and # 39 ; to subsidiary, the Republic of Records.

As part of the deal, Swift, 28, will have his master recordings move on, he says.

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

In photos of a tip note he posted to his personal account – a rare moment, facing the public of music business messages from his star star – Swift added that she had discussed with digital streaming in look.

The singer told her and Universal agreed that if the company sold any of its assets in Spotify, who went to the public earlier this year, the money would be distributed for artists. "It's really important for me to see an eye out with a label about the future of our industry," said Swift in her statement.

"I feel so many new world-created streaming and landscape opportunities that change in our industry. I also feel that the streaming is based on the magic created by artists, authors and producers. "

With more than 30 million records sold in the United States, Swift is one of the few artists who have the sway to move the big industry players towards.

In 2015, just like the streaming was being abolished, Swift criticized Apple publicly when he said he would not pay royalties during a three-month membership for his new music streaming service; less than 24 hours later, Apple's course was changed.

Swift has also triggered publicity with Spotify, drawing its catalog of the service for what it said it was unfair compensation. He returned his music last year, after Spotify agreed to restrict some music to his paid tier, which pays higher royalties.

Swift was also upsetting new music. "I'm so excited," she said at the end of her note (signing "love, Taylor"). "I can not wait to show you what I'll do next."


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