Saturday , January 22 2022

Soccer: Warnock expects to finish a managerial career in Cardiff


(Reuters) – Neil Warnock has called his "farewell club" to City of Cardiff as he admitted protects the status of the Welsh Premier League, this season would be his last challenge as a football manager.

Warnock turns 70 next month and is the second oldest manager in the four English football regions.

Cardiff's home league matches against Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday complete a number of games for Warnock, who is his 17th training and 39th season manager as a manager.

"I'm looking at the club as a farewell club. I do not think I'll leave the club and go to another," said Warnock, who is contracted to the end of next season, reporters.

"When you reach my age, you can not look beyond just a few months or next weeks, whatever you work, not just football."

Warnock currently has a strict fitness regime to ensure that it is capable of dealing with today's management burden and remains optimistic of staying in Cardiff beyond this season, by its health allow.

"Life is changing so quickly, you can not plan ahead. You can hope to plan ahead," he added. "We're better when we're underground and to achieve the impossible, this season would be my miles my greatest achievement."

Cardiff City, who is currently at the age of 19 in the league, is trying to bounce back two penalties when they face Brighton 12.

(Reporting by Hardik Vyas in Bengaluru)

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