Saturday , May 28 2022

Singapore, the United States is renewing an agreement on infrastructure cooperation


SINGAPORE: The agreement between Singapore and the US on bilateral cooperation in the renewed infrastructure, said the Ministry of Trade and Industry on Friday (November 16).

The aim of the Memorandum of Understanding of the USA-Singapore Collaboration Stage (MOU) on December 13 is to deepen bilateral cooperation between the two countries. MTI said in a press release.

This includes areas of infrastructure, such as energy, providing support in the digital economy, as well as growth in financial technology (FinTech), e-commerce, smart city solutions and deep technology.

Mr Loh Khum Yean, the Permanent Secretary of Singapore for Trade and Industry, and Ms Stephanie Syptak-Ramnath, Embassy of the United States Charge of Affaires, was signed by interactive.

Since signing the MOU in 2016, the two countries have worked together on events such as the Asia-Singapore Infrastructure Cycle Board and the FinTech Singapore Festival, which held its 2018 edition from November 12 to 16 .

"Singapore and the US share the strong economic relations of hands of hands and long hands," said Mr Loh.

"The renewal of the USA-Singapore MOU Cooperation Platform sets out our joint commitment to continue to strengthen our economic partnership to remain relevant and useful to businesses and industries, and to benefit & & # 39; the two countries. "

Mr Png Cheong Boon, CEO of Menter Singapore said: "The first MOU has prepared the way for the two countries to concentrate and cooperate in beneficial opportunities for both side in developing infrastructure.

"Building on the progress made, the MOU renewal enables us to explore co-operation in other areas such as developing standards and technology partnerships."

According to MTI, bilateral trade in goods and services between Singapore and the US reached almost US $ 75 billion ($ 103 billion) in 2017.

The United States was the largest foreign investor in Singapore in the same year, while Singapore is the second largest Asian investor of the United States.

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