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On paper, the Philippines are holding all the bones tonight against the Suzuki Cup Group B Asean Football Federation (AFF) against Singapore. From home to new legs to the recent form, the Lions have a difficult assignment at the Bacolod Panaad Stadium.

But Singapore's interim national trainer Fandi Ahmad wants to turn the spirit of fights into his men, in order to push them to the end to get a result against the conflict.

"Mentally, we're stronger than ever before," said the 56-year-old at the pre-game press conference at the Seda Capitol Bacolod Hotel. "The players are committed to the team. They do not want to lose more, especially after all the flash they've got in recent years."

Friday 1-0 to win over Indonesia in the opening group match was the first winning Lions competing in three years and their first victory in this tournament since 2014.

Finishing the long drought has regenerated confidence. And that's down to the team's work ethics, which hit Garudas with a very high intense game.

Fandi said: "The last game (against Indonesia) was a joint effort. Even as a group or as an individual, the players were firm, they got all the tacks and fought very hard for every ball. "


Mentally, we are stronger than ever before. The players are committed to the team. They do not want to lose more, especially after all the flash they've got in recent years.

FANDI AHMAD, interim national trainer of Singapore, on transforming his team.

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  • Sailing fans can be on the Singapore national team with us at Our Tampines Hub and The Place Community Club ACE in Woodlands tonight, when the Suzanne Asean Cup of the Lions Football Federation against the Philippines will live lively.

    Access to the screening, which starts at 8pm, is free. Locations open at 7.30pm.

    Fancy that appears at either location is the chance to win tickets to the next AFF Cup AFF Cup against Timor Leste at the National Stadium on May 21.

The demonstrator of all deeds had also been addressed Philip Coach Sven-Goran Eriksson. Swede said: "Singapore is very proud. I do not worry but I have to show respect to my opponent. They were deserving to win against Indonesia.

"They have a good attacker (Ikhsan Fandi) and their heirs (Faris Ramli and Gabriel Quak) quickly and they are very direct and they play good football with good combination play. play very well to win this game. "

However, recent history favors Singapore. At their last three Cup meetings, the Lions won overall 1-0 in the two corn finals in 2012, and in 2016 they pulled 0-0 in the group stage.

But Azkals are currently riding on a wave of success. They are 116th in Fifa world rankings, 49 places above Singapore, and have qualified for the next Asian Cup Final Round for the first time.

The last month's Eriksson appointment reinforced the country's belief that it can finally last better than the semi-final appearances of 2010, 2012 and 2014 and for the first time raising the AFF Cup.

But Fandi does not believe that football matches are won or lost in paper, even if this game is tonight in this tournament first and can be argued in a better physical condition.

He said: "The Philippines have quality and size, and the venue can change the players' fun.

"They have very good players who play overseas and one of the best coaches in the world.

"We will respect them but we will pursue every ball to win. We are not afraid. We have nothing to lose but everything is to be won.

"The advantage we have played because we know the pressure while the Philippines are still trying to assemble a team (Neil Etheridge's star keeper from Cardiff City only confirmed yesterday).

"Our problem is that we want to run them (the Philippines). They are fresh but we have to offer them."

In Group A games now, Malaysia beat Laos 3-1 in Kuala Lumpur and Myanmar Foot in Cambodia 4-1 at Mandalay.

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