Sunday , August 14 2022

Seungri responds to the alleged accusation of Singapore, Kim Lim, in the debate 'Burning Sun';


Seungri has denied the Singapore heiress Kim Lim have participated in the;Sun BurningDebate.

The heiress was caught in rumors about prostitution and the Sunburn, and personally denied any connection with a written statement on Instagram despite the alleged allegations of Seungri. On March 26, SBS';8 NewsSeungri revealed his fifth round of police questioning, and this latest 3 hour questioning session was intended to provide supplementary questioning for Joon Young's Jung case on unauthorized filming and distribution of sex tapes.

Seungri was also asked about the chat room links to the acquisition of prostitutes for foreign investors, and there is now speculation that the money made through the illegal transactions is being washed through a triad, a famous Chinese transnational crime syndicate. Seungri told the police, "Kim Lim doesn't have the triad with any relationship to each other."

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