Monday , January 17 2022

Scientists have found an ant, which is visible from space


Ученые нашли муравейники, которые видно из космоса

The City of ants covers an area of ​​230,000 square kilometers.

According to preliminary calculations, age of the structures created by insects may be more than 4 thousand years.

This is writing the with reference to changeua.

Scientists from Salford University found that almost all of the "buildings" found in one of the Brazilian areas, were artificial origin. According to the Cell magazine, the tallest "buildings" made of clay and sand rises to a height of 3.5-4 meters – a record that was never found from the termite twmpat.

The artificial hillside area is also striking – only the "set" of the building on the plateau of 230,000 square kilometers – even the termites built, even visible on satellite images. Scientists say that the diameter of the "Brazilian hills" is about nine meters, but the "buildings" are home to termites. According to scientists, underground insects created a huge tunnel system and underground activity has thrown to the surface about 10 cubic kilometers of ground.

There are around 200 million total "houses", which were also seen as a colony of thermites, which allowed us to reach a conclusion about a billionth term of Syntermes termite termites. The most ancient structures built by termites, which have 690-3820 years.

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