Friday , August 19 2022

Realizing Down: Deadly customers complain as the food supply service suffered, News Singapore and Top Stories


SINGAPORE – Those who were looking for a luncheon delivery dinner (February 22) had disrupted their plans, as the Food Provider service had technical issues with app and # 39; to website

Delivery was updated on its Facebook page at 6.33pm, apologizing to customers for the service out.

"We're working hard to arrange things as soon as possible," he said. The post has been deleted since then.

One marketing worker, Melanie Foo, said 40 customers: "My husband ordered lunch to our daughter and at 6pm, but the food did not get an hour beyond the scheduled time. "

She had to fight home and buy lunch instead. "The app was downloaded down and the lines were busy," added Ms Foo.

On Twitter, the food delivery service responded to a number of unhappy customers.

At 5.48pm, Respondroo Singapore responded to Twitter user @ ChubbsCharlie, saying the service was "a matter of time to each other".

The user complained in a tweet at 5.43pm that the app had collapsed and that the lines of Deliveroo were involved after it was enforced.

Another Twitter user, @sakurapiglet, responded to tweets @ ChubbsCharlie and Deliveroo Singapore, saying that his order had arranged to arrive at 4.30pm.

However, she had not yet received her food by 5.50pm, she tweeted, adding she had also paid for a Friday delivery service.

In later responses to customers on Twitter, Deliveroo Singapore said it was "having a technical problem".

At 7.25pm, while the Deliveroo website was back up, he said he was unable to take any orders at the moment, notifying customers "to look back in a few minutes".

The food supply service also had problems in Britain and Ireland, according to Down Detector. The website, which allows users to notify when websites or apps are going out, say the service started at 8am GMT (4pm, Singapore time).

Twitter users also complained that the Delivery and Website app did not work in Australia and Dubai.

In response to queries, the Deliveroo spokesman apologized for the service on Friday night.

"We have resolved the issue and our services are returning to normal," said spokesman in response at 8.25pm.

"We are constantly working to improve the customer experience and no-one has higher expectations for Delivery or Delivery team."

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