Sunday , December 5 2021

PlayStation Now is a Thanks In Your Popular


Playstation has now won over $ 143 million in 2018, making it a most popular revenue subscription service available.

In a report by SuperData Research, PlayStation Now accounts for 52% of the game subscription markets, knocking out the various EA Access licenses at 33% and Xbox Game Pass at 15%.

According to this data, PlayStation Now produced three times the revenue made by Game Game in the same period. Since PlayStation Now runs for $ 20 USD per month and a Game Pass at $ 10 USD per month, the gap in the consumer base seems to be almost as large as the general revenue gap.

However, even with these strong numbers, subscription services accounted for around 6% of the computer revenue and general console at C3 2018. However, the data & # 39; It shows that those who subscribe to one of these services spend an average of $ 25 a month after-game content, much more than $ 10 for which they are not subscribers usually spend them. This was further analyzed, showing that subscribers spend most of this money on cosmetic items, followed by close by seasonal basins.

Recent changes to PlayStation Now include the ability to launch PS4 and PS2 titles fully to play offline after introducing PS4 games to the streaming service over a year before that.

Xbox Game Pass has also been making strong changes, as all Microsoft Studios games will be available on the service release day, and Game Pass will make its way for PC gamers in the future.

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