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NASA's Mars Rover The Wonder of NASA wins back to work in its old location


NASA's Mars Rover The Wonder of NASA wins back to work in its old location

Photo Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

Besides two weeks of scientific operations, Mars Curiosity rover has run its longest drive since it has been tested two months ago, pushing its total odometer to over 20 kilometers.

The trigger is now located in Lake Orcadie Red Planet, a place where NASA was previously trying to drill into the gray rock.

Previously, NASA had tried to get rock samples using the shame of Drill at these sites. However, the roaming instrument did not penetrate far enough to the bed to produce enough samples.

On March, Wonder made a 60-mile trip to this old site.

With this latest drive, the Intelligence mission is back to business, NASA said in a statement, adding that the next drilling event will take place sometime this week.

"At the moment, we are confident that we will go back to full operations, but it's too soon to say how soon," said Steven Lee of JPL, deputy Criwtine project manager.

Working on an issue of memory inconsistencies, engineers at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California had ordered the rover to switch to a second computer of the name of the Side-A computer.

The change will enable engineers to carry out a detailed diagnosis of a technical problem that has stopped the rover (side B) operating computer from the storage of engineering and key engineering data since September 15, NASA said.

"We're acting on Side A starting today, but it could take time to understand the root of the problem in full and devise exercises for memory on Side B.

The computer swap will allow data and events records to be stored on the Side-A computer.

"We spent last week looking at Side A and prepared it for the exchange," Lee said.

"We're sure we can run the mission on the Side-A computer if we need to do that. But our plan is to switch back to Side B as soon as we can solve the problem to use its more memory. "

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