Saturday , January 22 2022

Named alcoholic drink that prevents cancer development


Назван алкогольный напиток, предотвращающий развитие ракаThe doctors made a surprise statement about drinking alcohol.

Moderate use of whiskey helps to prevent cancer. For such a collection that took part in the international conference on biochemistry.

"Now many have been written about the benefits of antioxidants, which are rich in red wine, but very little information about the benefits of whiskey. In uniform, especially single brains, including esgic acid, prevent cancer development, "- said Dr Jim Swan during the conference.

Shegic acid is also found in soft fruit and a large number of berries. Regarding this during the event, British cancer cancer research representative Leslie Walker said.

"Maegic acid is a powerful antioxidant. But that does not mean you need to" hit the bottle "- says Leslie Walker.

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