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Man Utd should sign a ballet on one condition; how does Chelsea replace the Hazard?


Publication date: Thursday 16 May 2019 1:57

A Manchester United supporter suggests four realistic signs to improve their starting line, while Chelsea fans think about how they can replace Eden's Risk – all in Your Say the Day.

So the transfer window is now officially open and United comes with it with over a hundred players with values ​​ranging from free transfers to 250m. Obviously, 95% of those won't happen but a couple are definite. The question is – who are we likely to have this summer? And who will we keep realistically? I think we could see the following first team next year:

De F
Wan-Bissaka – Lindelof – Maguire – Shaw
Fred – Pogba – Rice
Sancho – Rashford – Fighting

Wan-Bissaka – 40m
Maguire – 50m
Rice – 50m
Sancho – 100m

Think we will keep De Gea and Pogba but not sure if we will get the signs we want and we may have to go for our “Second Choice” options without CL.

We would love to see Varane or Umtiti in place of Maguire and Dybala coming in to replace Lukaku to add to the above but suspect that both will go through.

One player I certainly hope we will stay away from is Griezmann, has been the shadow of the player he was 2 years ago.

I'm also warming the idea of ​​having a WELL Bale ON ENTERPRISE if the fee is 5m as suggested.

Sympathy with the Devils

Gareth Bale TEAMtalk

Yes, but Bale is a left winger, where Joel Glazer ‘Pele’ Martial will play if we get it?


@killyboye – think Bale can fill on either wing (even cut RW where I think Real Madrid is playing most of the time).

To be honest I'm running out of serious patience with Martial – very gifted but the attitude is smelly and we'll need to replace it next season if it doesn't come well t .


Sympathy with the Devils

Maguire would NOT be £ 50m closer to £ 70m that I would say
Sancho has firmly stated that he will not move to merger….

nevertheless rumors about Pogba Exchange for Dybala and Costa though… and would be good business IMHO t


No point discussing the future of dangers anymore, it has gone and the only reason it has not been officially announced is because we have expected us to reach El's final. Its normal practice, however, is a player like that that comes around often and it has been a pleasure watching his great and unusual skills and keeping that humble attitude different from the 2 t other mega stars in Spain and Italy.


Agree with all of the above, I haven't had a bad word to say about Hazard and it was a pleasure to watch him in a Chelsea shirt for the past seven years. One of the best players to wear the badge ever. However, he is not sure whether he has made legendary status, as trying to leave for another club is exacerbating that. But I wish him nothing but the best.
Once it has gone, we should offer CHO the number 10 CHO as long as it signs a new deal. Show Bayern that two can play that game!


It's going. After the final. Period. Nothing states otherwise. CHO, it's still early, a huge talent, but now it's injured and Bayern doesn't stop lurking. If we decided to go, we would need a new one. We can't start the season with Willian and Pedro and Pulisic relatively young and unknown. Can Willian and Pedro step up? Hopefully, but look at our game against Leicester. Just as boring. They did nothing meaningful


Reading today, if Chelsea gives some sort of security / reassurance about next season's playtime, CHO heats up the idea of ​​signing a new contract and keeping to Chelsea.

Complete common sense for me and the board and player can see if Eden is leaving us then it is a very strong situation, especially as the Club has made it absolutely clear that they don't want to lose it. Now they have to complement the rhetoric with action. KTBFFH


Get an Icardi with the £ 100m we can get for Danger. that man can guarantee us 30 goals a term. and let Giroud join whatever club he wants, send Higuain back to Juventus. bring Abraham back to delegate for Icardi. in that way he can have more play time and can learn from him. I think two strikers will be enough for us.

Get Ben Chilwell from Leicester. it is firmly defensive with a lot of speed. and has the added advantage of being English and at home. I'm afraid the City can cycle it. keep Emerson to delegate to him and sell Alonso to the highest bidder. get out and out and bring Reece James back to delegate.

I don't think we need another CM at the moment. send Kovecic back to Madrid. and bring Mount back to take her place on the team. with 4 Pedro, Willian, Pulsic and CHO players, I will be tempted to add Nicolas Pépé and sell Willian as he seems to have started to decline. sell it while it has some value. our problem is solved that way.

Icardi sounds like a great idea. We have a proven goal. But is he good enough in custody? We need an attacker who can score but also who can catch the ball. Drogba, Costa was able to do so. Checked wikipedia only, it hasn't won any big trophy. It will be nice to have someone hungry. Us Chelsea, we like to win trophies. Recently, the only years we did not win a trophy since 2010 were 2013-2014 and 2015-2016, my mind, Mou part 2.


I realize that I only have a paper conversation, but the Mirror reports that Herrera will earn £ 300k a week in PSG. You can't be true.


If that's true, Ed needs to be praised for once. I have no doubt that Mata and De Gea also look good. I would let them go rather than pay it. Now we need to f ** k Sanchez away as he is an elephant in the room for all contract negotiations. As well as improving the squad I hope we will see huge cleared timber out of extended wages this summer. That is essential if we are to get the club back to some kind of normality in terms of contract.


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