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Man found guilty of murdering a waitress by throwing his overlap over a dispute over telephone repairs


SINGAPORE: A 28-year-old man was found guilty of murder on Tuesday (May 21) for throwing a woman over a parapet in a multi-storey car park.

Syed Maffi Hassan, who had claimed a trial, is facing the death penalty or life imprisonment and canoeing.

The murder took place on August 31, 2015. Syed Maddy's Atika Dolkifli Pizza Hut threw over the rails in the Deck 5A from the car park in Block 146A Toa Payoh Lorong 2, after a dispute over the cost of repairing a phone.

They both got to know each other on Facebook in early 2013 and reconnected them in May 2015, and the court heard.

Ms Atika, 23, had lent Syed Maffi a green iPhone 5C, which was her spare phone, as she had no mobile phone.

However, the phone was faulty and Syed Maffi sent him for repairs, which cost him a total of S $ 125.

She told Ms Atika that the repairs cost S $ 300, and tried to get the money from her family but she didn't succeed.

On the day of the murder, Syed Maffi met Ms Atika in the car park around 9.50pm after her shift ended.

They went to the roof garden in the top deck, where they started arguing over the cost of repairing the phone, which she was asking for.

Syed Maffi pushed Ms Atika on his chest and fell back off the edge of stairs, hitting the back of her head on the stairs, says Deputy Public Prosecutor Bhajanvir Singh.

According to court documents, Syed Maffi dragged Ms Atika by her falls down the steps that were left to Deck 5A.

She was semi-conscious and skinny, the court heard, and she took her collar and her trousers and threw it over the parapet railways.


Ms Atika landed first on the shore at Deck 3A.

Syed Maffi picked up some of her belongings, including her right shoes and keys, and threw them in a drain.

He took his iPhone 6 Plus from his handbag before leaving him in a drain near a bus stop and went home, where he threw the SIM card away.

Ms Atika's father made a police report a day later, saying that his daughter had not returned home.

The day the police started investigations, Syed Maffi told Ms Atika's brother that he had last seen him in a multi-purpose hall in Toa Payoh, claiming that she had walked there alone "and never returned".

Three days after the murder, a person passing Ms Atika's decomposition discovered the third floor of the car park.

An autopsy found that she had tears on her scalp and head, with the cause of death consistent with an injury to the head.

CCTV footage showed that Syed Maffi and Ms Atika came into the car park together before Syed Maffi left himself, carrying her handbag about 40 minutes later.

A psychiatric assessment of Syed Maffi found no psychiatric disorder or illness in it.

He will be sentenced later.

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