Thursday , May 26 2022

Love … in fact? A Japanese man was gaining a virtual character


With almost 40 wedding guests looking at filming the special moment, Akihiko Kondo raised the bride's pillow and kissed.

So far so traditional – but Kondo's bride is Hatsune Miku, a virtual reality star developed by a Japanese music technology company.

Together, Kondo, 35, and Hatsune Miku, represented by stuff stuff, said they were married. at the € 16,000 ceremony in Tokyo.

A week after marriage, Kondo came home from work in a middle school in the suburbs and was greeted by the holographic projection of her life, literally lit and in her welcome home

Hatsune Miku's hologram recognizes Kondo's face and voice with a built-in camera and microphone, and can respond with simple phrases and songs.

The fact that she is not a physical person has not given Kondo the best to find happiness in this arrangement.

"I believe that the concept of happiness and love is different to every person. I believe that something is like a template for happiness, where a real man and a girl marries and gets a child with a # 39 ; others, but I do not think that such a template can have been applied to everyone to make them happy, "said Kondo.

General appearance Hatsune Miku is a 16-year-old pop anime star with two large pieces in blue. It was designed as a computer-generated singing software based on a voice synthesizing program developed by Crypton Future Media.

From a young age, Kondo was convinced that he would never marry and he would remain single throughout his life. Ten years ago, a chapter of bullying in the workplace said by a female secondary who sealed his fate and convinced him to continue to be single.

Since deciding that Hatsune Miku was the one, he said he had remained loyal and had devoted his life to the pop virtual star, with thousands of domestic and international fans.

But his wedding ceremony on November 4 was not generally understood, he said.

He did not attend his parents, and although Kondo had been encouraged and supported by many other friends and supporters Hatsune Miku through Twitter, everyone did not send congratulations to him.

Kondo said that some accused him of being 'otaku'; creepy, which clearly refers to geeks that live anti-social life.

Others accused him of contributing to the decline in the population of Japan, while some accused of stealing their pop star.

But Kondo is not believed. He said his marriage ceremony will encourage other people to have the courage to follow their happiness even if it's only available in the virtual world.

"I think it's nice to have this wedding ceremony in encouraging people of this type [who are pursuing diverse types of marriage], "Said Kondo.

In 2017, Gatebox, a Japanese technology developer, who developed the holographic devices, published marriage registration forms & # 39; for users of their favorite virtual characters.

Gatebox said in a press release on its website that there were over 3,700 wedding certificates & # 39; These unofficially have published.

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