Sunday , April 11 2021

Loboda was once again at Botkin Hospital

The singer once again has failed health.

Лобода опять оказалась в Боткинской больнице

In her profile on the Instagram social network, singer Svetlana Loboda has a new job up with a black and white photo, which is known to be again at the Botkin Hospital in Moscow. Earlier, the video singer saw the plane window, which meant that the famous one had to come back from a trip in Germany.

A caption of photographs reads: "Today, my day started at the Botkin Hospital. Thank you very much to all doctors for their attention and support. Special thanks to my friend and neighbor in Anita Tsoy ward. Your help in the most urgent situation is absolutely invaluable Thanks, slowly, the body recovers, this means we wait for more meetings and concerts Refuse God. Soon we're going on a trip in the Urals, and when we prepare for you, our new obstacle. "

Probably, the hospital visit had planned to monitor and track all the changes made to the star body.

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