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Kyrie Irving apologizes to LeBron James, ex-Cleveland Cavaliers team, to "move on" | NBA News


Boston Celtics guardian, Kyrie Irving, says his phone call to apologize to the former Cleveland Cavaliers former team team LeBron James who needs this season to move on.

Emotional Irving said ESPN: "For me, just … apologize, yeah, that was a bit for me, just to move on in my life."

Irving and James the Cavaliers led the NBA championship in 2016, but the god could not turn back the sport again in 2017 and ultimately, Irving asked for a trade.

Irving has been treated for the Boston Celtics and gives an average of 6.9 assistants to each game during this season when scoring 23.6 points, more than a point over his career average.

Kyrie Irving # 11 of the Boston Celtics is celebrating during the game against Oklahoma City Thunder on February 3, 2019 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.
Irving was treated to the Boston Celtics

"Now, think you, I do not regret in any decision that I made, going for my individual journey and what I want and anticipate for my career," said Irving.

According to Irving returning from a laptop to play Sunday in the All Star Game, James has been working his way back from a Christmas wound that cost him 17 games, along with another resting game he returned.

With the Lakers only 28-29 this season and three final playground matches at the Western Conference, James said he was about to jump on the gas pedal as the Star Game timetable All-Star started.

Celtic pistols Nba


Highlights of the NBA as Detroit Pistons takes Boston Celtics in TD Garden last week

The Lakers run the Houston Rockets on Thursday.

"I've been activated," says James after Wednesday's exercise, for her intensity level moving on.

The Lakers have lost the playoffs in each of the last five terms. James has taken part in the NBA finals in each of the last eight season, and his teams have reached 13 consecutive quarters, a streak that he does not intend to break.

James admitted that he rarely raises the density far from the end of the regular season, but he does not seem to have a choice this time.

"I'm sure to be uncomfortable," says James. "I'm really uncomfortable, I'm glad to be uncomfortable. This is a bit uncomfortable for me and I love it."

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