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Ireland's teeth can not get closer to O'Neill


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Not by Liam Mackey

The one minute of real fun came to the high and faithful travel support in Aarhus when reaching a higher international football, with 10 minutes remaining, from Michael Obafemi.

However, this would not be a fairytale presentation for 18 year olds, as night ends with another clean leaflet – on both ends – for Ireland, which means that only It's a win in 11 games.

Certainly, you could credit the visitors for all the blocks and last tacs are going to handle and save and help to form the resistance. If this had been a game off with points of eligibility at stake, it may have been considered a hero.

However, this was not like that and more probably what we could really forget it was: The last campaign of the League of Nations's unlawful campaign.

At the end of the whole, we expect for confirmation, or otherwise, that the FAI is ready to keep Martin O'Neill in the hope, who is currently looking at himself, he and he ; for players can give their time horrible behind them and find somehow the inspiration to start new when a European Championship qualification starts next March. It's just how an even more shocking task that will probably be coming to an end in Dublin early next month when the third seeds find it hard to learn what's by drawing them for them.

After the seamless removal with Northern Ireland, O'Neill had talked about the ambition that his team was less dependent on long balls, to be more creative and thus creating more opportunities and, As a result, it might even get the first goal in four games. Seamus Coleman had pushed in with the observation rather unexpectedly that his team had to put some man's options on the ball by showing about passing and creating better angles. Oh, if it were Ireland but it was walking as they talked.

In order to be fair, there were signs of a little more exploitation on the field in the 1-1 design to Poland and even defeated them in the home to Wales but, against Northern Ireland, they had returned to & # 39 ; w hatal, tell worst.

In terms of the movement of players in and out of the Irish squad since the end of the World Cup campaign, Oll Neill has the right to speak for 2018 as a transitional year, but the transformation is much more significant, much of it Having grown up, has been the worst of the worst.

As he tried to cut his team in Aarhus last night, Turn O'Neill to Aiden O Brien. Millwall assault attacked, who was the last player to score Ireland – instead of his first team in the 1-1 round with Poland in Wrocklaw – instead of Callum Robinson, while there was another start in the middlefield on for Cyrus Christie and Enda Stevens came in on the left -back side for the James McClean stopped. As expected, Christian Eriksen joined in Denmark and wore the captain's branch, and in one of five shifts from the team that sealed the promotion of the League of Nations by beating Wales 2-1 in Cardiff, Frederik Ronnow The intention of Frankfurt replaces Kasper Schmeichel.

At the close venue at the Cere Stadium, but for the cold to cool bones, you may have been tempted to describe it as cozy, Stevens – the back of more natural birds than McClean – warm up with an intense penetrating run into Danish box, but Cyrus Christie stressed just as early as the risks when Ireland, so without a lack of confidence on the ball, tried to pass their way up the field.

The game soon developed to the anticipated pattern of the occupied Danians and looking for a gap in the full rehabilitation of Irish, while a much larger gap opens between Brienne O'Brien and the rest of his fellow members, but, in fact, it was not very much to excite the crowd as the first half went on and, for all the sense that the Danish dominion must finally be counted, it was A full 30 minutes passed before asking Darren Randolph to make his first rescue, collecting a comfortable headline by Yussuf Poulsen.

Ireland's first attempt came to the goal two minutes later, and very few attempts to date in moving the ball increasingly led to a possession turnover, there was no surprise about the source, but disappointing, it could kick Robbie Brady released from right to just find the net-net net. Moments later, after Randolph did well to get a hand to drive Peter Ankersen low, Christian Eriksen even closer to the Danians, his fierce, released only cleared the Irish keeper's crossing.

With the very few actions, the referee whistled at the end of the first half that had made a little to warm up the cocoa on a freezing night, the inevitable impression that left during the dance side break under the control a cruise that, if they were genuinely, may have caused much more harm to visitors.

As if it were upheld that analysis, Eriksen was allowed to put his feet for the second 45, but even with his main man going, a minute after the restart, & # 39 ; The Danes had come in advance, Poulsen somehow ballooned his volleyball close range over the top.

So, he continued, as a coach of defense assault, the visitors could barely get a kick from the ball, never thinking that the time or space was discovered to consider what they could do On the rare occasion – mainly by running Seamus Coleman – they managed to cross the line halfway.

Fortunately for Ireland, the Danes seem to have misused themselves to shoot, though, in the 68 minutes, Richard Keogh only saved the unionsa's footsteps after he was captured by Nicolai Jorgenson.

Denmark: Ronnow, Ankerson, M. Jorgensen, Bjelland, Knudsen, Schone, Delaney, Eriksen (Lerager 45), Hojbjerg, Poulsen (Gytkjaer 66) N. Jorgensen, Braithwaite (Cornelius 77).

Ireland: Randolph, Keogh, Duffy, Long, Coleman, Christie, Hendrick, Brady (Robinson 66), O & Dowda (Obafemi 80), O & # 39; Brien (Curtis 65)

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