Wednesday , June 29 2022

Huawei gives Honor above Android at a new smartphone launch


LONDON: Huawei gives uncertainty about the future of its device business to one side on Tuesday with a new Honor smartphone launch, in a confident display of Chinese company technology.

The world's second largest phone maker runs its devices on Google's Android platform outside China, but was the US Department of Commerce. Huawei has stopped buying US goods last week, suspecting future software updates.

The US relieved temporary restrictions on Huawei on Tuesday, giving it a license to buy US goods until August 19, meaning that updates from Google apps such as Gmail and YouTube can continue until then.

George Zhao, president of Huawei brand Honor, said that hundreds of reporters, bloggers and analysts were "very happy to see so many friends".

"It doesn't matter what happens, no matter what sort of challenges … it's just smiling and overcoming them," he told the audience, a mantra that could be equally applicable to Huawei with young customers.

"We will talk and communicate with the world using our products, technology and innovation," he added, as he showed off Honor 20 Pro, which includes four rear camera, including wide angle and telephoto, t and a 48-megapixel main camera.

Francisco Jeronimo, VP associate for devices in IDC, said that Honor had been successful for Huawei with an appeal that went beyond the young customer they were targeting.

"It's a very important brand for them to get to grips with lower price points without harming the Huawei brand. But with the decision on Sunday, everything is changing. There are lots of questions that nobody can answer again, "said Jeronimo.

Zhao drew attention to a three-tier back panel that gave an illusion of depth to colors like "Phantom Blue" and "Black Phantom" on the Pro 20.

A Huawei spokesman said the smartphones had already been certified by Google before it issued any restrictions.

The Honor 20 Pro will soon be available at a price of 599 euros (US $ 669), said Zhao, while the Honor 20 and Honor 20 Lite, would sell 499 euros and 299 euros respectively.

(Edited by Georgina Prodhan, David Evans and Alexander Smith)

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