Friday , November 27 2020

Here are the movies coming to Netflix This Week

Netflix has a new Christmas movie that is worth checking.

"The Christmas Chronicles" stand out this week and join December 22. Kurt Russell is stars like Santa Claus who, in essence, has to escape from Chicago to save Christmas. It's exactly like his "Escape From New York" movie – except that it's a children's movie and not really like that movie other than the escape part. Bright warning: I saw Santa Claus alive and well in the recent Christmas parade in Chicago, so I think this movie ends happily. You can read more about the movie below.

Netflix has a couple of other original Origins, "Sabrina" a "And Tribe." The first is a horror movie. October has expired; why does Netflix still require me to worry about all these horrible movies? I looked at a picture of "Sabrina" and it became too scared to learn more about it. For what is worth, "The Tribe" is about a man who loses his memory but then finds happiness in his mother's dance group.

If you want "Netflix Original" watch to watch, you should go alone with a recommendation last week – the Coen's brothers; "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs."

Join a couple of non-Netflix Originals too – the popular document document "Jiro Dreams of Sushi " and a very long name "My Little Girl Friendship is Magic: The Best Gift Ever".

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Michael Gibson

Kurt Russell stars in "The Christmas Chronicles" on Netflix.

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The most notable movie comes to Netflix This Week

"The Christmas Chronicles" | November 22

Michael Gibson

"The Christmas Chronicles."

Premise: Two children are trying to catch Santa Claus on a camera and … succeed. They even get into Santa's slide, eventually causing the red man to crash to Chicago. Instead of anger, Santa is nominating these children to help set the sleigh and get Christmas back on track.

Is it good? What's it – a Christmas family movie – yes. Kurt Russell has won strong reviews for the role of Santa Claus. He looks like he has fun in that big red suit and plays a lot more with charisma than often having the role of Santa.

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