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Guardiola Manchester City paid a huge price with Laporte and Fernandinho injured

LONDON – Pep Guardiola was delighted to win the Carabao Cup but the head of Manchester City said the trophy could have come for a price.

The whole city was taken to capture a penalty after finishing 0-0 with Chelsea after 120 minutes and also losing Aymeric Laporte and Fernandinho for injuries, which they expect to see are disregarded for "weeks."

"Winning this game is important for the next games but this competition is a lot of demand and we will be suffering from the next competitions – for the FA Cup and the Champions League and the Premier League," he told a news conference. "But of course the title will help us and we will move on. I'm happy I'm tired but I'll be happy."

Laporte was replaced half an hour after he seemed to injure his clogged string when Fernandinho left a little before full time with what looked like a groin problem. Dinas is still searching for the four couples, but Guardiola continues to play their chances.

"For the next competitions, it's so difficult," he added. "Today we've seen with extra time and two important players, and they will be out for a while.

"Now we're happy but for the next couple of weeks we'll wow – but it's the case and it's normal. We have many games and we're calling a lot of the players this. "

City City had a penalty to overcome Chelsea in the Carabao Cup final, but Pep Guardiola said he had suffered long-term injuries. Getty

Guardiola's side had a tough time than two weeks ago when it nodded its side and 6-0 win over Chelsea at Etihad Stadium.

"We are here to fight for all the competitions," said Sergio Aguero at ESPN after winning the Sunday Cup. "Obviously, the Champions League is not easy but we want to try at least go as far as possible. And then with the Premier League we are there, and as I said, we are going to fight all the titles. "

Argentina thought he was hitting a goal at Wembley, but the Assistant Video Fairs abolished his strike and showed that he was close to a small edge.

"Fi a [Chelsea defender Antonio] Rudiger came out together, and I imagined he would be close. It was filimeters, this is why we have VAR. "

Despite taking a vacuum on Sunday, Aguero is a great form after scored 12 goals in his last 12 games, including two pieces of hat.

"I'm in good time," he said. "But as I said that the first thing I'm worried about is what I'm doing for the club, and I am currently thinking about the club and for everything else, it's not for me to say.

"The non-outgoing and pressed teams have done well," Agueroaid. "They did not weigh so much but she was quite clear they were going to wait [for us] and even more when they played without No.9, we realized they were going to try and hit us on the anti-assault. But okay, most teams do this and we know that Chelsea is very difficult. "

After the final Guardiola revealed they had exercised penalties entering the game.

"Yesterday after the training session, we talked to Mikel [Arteta]. The men were practicing because we knew it could happen, "he added." We practiced that this was the final and decision on the penalties that I do not like to tell you and you [pointing]. He must be players. The players choose which ones take and the situation they would like to shoot. Ederson made the difference. "

However, Raheem Sterling says that Guardiola tells him he could not watch his winning penalty. Ederson from Jorginho and David Luiz rescued the post after losing Leroy Sane, making Sterling, named less than a mile away from the stadium, able to score the winner.

"It's a great feeling. I'm home, I'm in Wembley, in my city … it was a tough game but an incredible feeling. The boys were great today," said Sterling. "I talked to Leroy [Sane before the penalty] and said he was sure, if I'd score, was the winner. That's all the confidence I needed.

"Pep said he did not watch it, he said where he was going to just tell him the best bins.

"Chelsea played a really good game today, they were firm, it was hard to cut down but we kept focus and doing the business. It's a lot down and now we need keep winning games and that's us. "

Eduardo Fernandez-Abascal contributed ESPN FC to this report.

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