Sunday , June 26 2022

G-Shock Collection Statement Marvel Avengers


G-Shock is riding the huge wave of success from Avengers: Endgame, by joining Marvel to release a Avengers Conclusion. The collaboration involves three practices Avengerswatching, being inspired by three of our most loving heroes: Captain America, Iron Man, and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The iconic and full-body GA-110 doesn't give Captain America colors and Iron Man, while Spider-Man is slim and his DW-5600 sleeve – a more suitable model for his character . All watches come with a band's branding and for it's engraved back, all have been enclosed in a unique packaging for Marvel enthusiasts.

The G-Shock x Marvel Avengers Collection is currently only available online in China at the G-Shock Chinese site or in the official retail outlets in Beijing and Shanghai. Alternatively, some independent stockists in Hong Kong and Macau also want to be sold. No news yet on one that will be officially available on the state side.

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