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Dogs saved in time of fire at Little India, Singapore News & Top Stories


SINGAPORE – A fire in a two-storey shop in Little India started on Thursday afternoon (May 16), with many people in the surrounding areas seeing thick gray smoke rising to the sky.

Singapore Defense Police (SCDF) in a Facebook post at around 3pm said he had been told about a fire in 14 Dickson Road. He added that officers in the scene were carrying out fire fighting operations.

In an update at 4.20pm, SCDF said that the fire was under control, and that six hand jets were used to catch the fire.

In a further update at 5pm, SCDF said that flames and thick black smoke could not be seen, and that firefighters were "making good progress".

In a final update at 5.26pm, SCDF said the fire had been switched off at around 4.10pm and no injuries had been reported. Damp down work was being done, he added.

SCDF advised that earlier protective water jets have been strategically used along the boundary between the adjacent shock houses to prevent the spread of fire to neighboring units.

A total of 12 emergency vehicles and 40 firefighters were involved in the operation.

When The Straits Times arrived around 4.15pm, the area had been closed off and many viewers were looking forward.

Peter Lim, who lived alone next door to the building on fire, retired from sleeping when he heard people shouting that there was a fire next door.

The 72-year-old said he had rushed down when the incident happened around 2pm, and forgot about his dog, pomeranian of the name Lucky.

He told ST in Mandarin that the police had risen to check for the other residents and saved his dog, who has been with him for 10 years.

A 28-year-old construction worker who gave his name as Surya said he had not noticed any unusual sounds before the fire. When people noticed the fire, most of them moved the area out, he added.

Videos sent to The Straits Times on Thursday show smoke rising from a row of buildings in Dickson Road.

Additional reporting by Aqil Hamzah

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