Thursday , September 29 2022

Doctors are called the fundamental factors of extending a lifetime


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The longevity is due not only to genetics.

What are the things that extend our lives? Sometimes it's quite simple, what could be seen at scientists at Harvard University. Scientists call the factors that help extend life, according to the with reference to 24apteka.

Positive thinking

A positive perception of its own existence is directly related to reducing stress levels and helps extend a man's life seven and a half years.

Social activity

According to scientists, active participation of people in different activities is one of the best ways that helps to extend life. In particular, retirement delay reduces the risk of death of 11%.


Positive emotions associated with parental experience, negate the effects of stress and help extend life for two years.


Walking with a rhythmic step in the 150 minutes of heart and healthier blood vessels per week, and this fact adds to the life of a person, four and a half years of life.

Active sexual life

With this aspect of life a significant reduction in the risk of sudden death.

Coffee drink

The research carried out on the island of Ikaria in Greece, where the main eyes were on the planet, showed that 87% of centuries ate Greek coffee after regular boiling.

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