Sunday , October 2 2022

Arsenus Mirzoyan showed how he put his car


Fortunately, the car was not valuable.

In Kiev anonymous Rob tried the car Ukrainian popular singer Arsen Mirzoyan. The photographer gave a photo of a window breaking his car on the Facebook page.

"Bore da. Wedi bored", a photo to sign from Mirzoyan.

Note that the offenders have broken into the vehicle of the small side of the singer, having access to transport. However, as it turns out, they stay there for just "disappointment".

"Nothing was. Probably disappointing," he emphasized.

He said he could steal his car and did not tell the incident details.

He added now he reached his car.

So Mirzoyan said that seven years ago in the same Parking parking broken in his wife's car, Tonya Matvienko. However, in the case of nets, it was surprisingly casual.

"I was surprised why it's not always my paradise. Finally, it happened, and I was silent down. It would have happened anyway at some point, they often beat the machine , "he said.

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