Friday , August 19 2022

& # 39; Shazam! & # 39; the director hopes that Captain Marvel & # 39; do "all the money" and cut up trolls


Shazam! a Captain Marvel Has been connected exclusively with a pantheon of superhero movies. Character of title Shazam! The name "Captain Marvel" went for decades before DC formally changed its name several years ago. Do not coincide or drop, these two titles have landed only four weeks separately on the release calendar.


There is never a bit of bitterness about naming rights mixed with some of the usual "Marvel vs. DC" thinking and fans have to aim for each other and the relevant movies. Worse again, many have taken an exception to Brie Larson without smiling enough Captain Marvel trailers and a reasonable call for inclusion in the entertainment industry and the press that covers it. Those individuals are doing their best to sink the film and audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes before it's even released.

Shazam! The director David F. Sandberg is not here for any of that nonsense. "I'm looking forward to it Captain Marvel making all the money in the world to close some of these people up, "he wrote on Twitter. Sandberg shared a link to an article by The Hollywood Reporter which repeats the troll situation affecting Captain Marvel.

THRAn article was also going to address the issues that Sandberg has been dealing with. Fans have been testing for a new one Shazam! trailer. Some have accused the director and Warner Bros. even hide the movie. Those claims are, of course, false, but they are part of the mess that Sandberg deals with her everyday.

A Twitter user called Captain Marvel substandard solution to Sandberg. The director made the point correct that no real reason for anyone to be rushed against Captain Marvel or any other movie, especially when people have not even seen the films in question.

As someone really found Captain Marvel, I can confirm that it is pretty good and sure "up to standards." As someone who visited the set of Shazam!, I do not think that Sandberg has anything to hide apart from obstacles. The new trailer will be ready soon.

There are more than enough room for both winning films in the box office. Superhero movies will be much better if both films are successful rather than just one. It's great to see Sandberg talking against the worst of online supporters behavior and stimulating all films in this space.



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