Monday , November 30 2020

YOU WILL CONSIDER IT. This is what Masha Natasa Beckvalac likes, she never stands out in public


The musical star Nataša Bekvalac established a photo with her mum, Miro, who rarely saw him in the public, and this singer was very proud of everyone who followed him, while Natasha's sister, Kristina, was famous celebrity, amazing with them.

Photo: Snežana Krstić / RAS Serbia

– After every successful girl stands … Mom! This is my mum! I can not better choose it, "Beckwatch wrote on Instagram account, and did not stop there.

– Mum is the mother, the most beautiful fairytale … This younger sister is next to me – she added, in her style.

Photo: Instagram

Recall, Mira and Dragan Bekvalac, near Natasa and Kristina, with her daughter Dragan.

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