Saturday , November 28 2020

When it matters most – Medvedev is better than Nadal

For the first time in his career, Danil Medvedev defeated Rafael Nadal in a match that took him to the finals of the final Masters. In the final, Medvedev will play against Dominic Tim.

Daniil Medvedev, Rafael Nadal

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The Russian tennis player defeated the second player in the world after turning in three sets – 3: 6, 7: 6, 6: 3 after more than two and a half hours of play.

Nadal won the first set, but Medvedev was the first to break in the second. However, the Spaniard returned, made two tied breaks and served for the win. That wasn’t enough either. Medvedev delivered the first second set in that interval, followed by the match in the third set which he persevered in his game and came to victory.

Nadal tried constant rhythm changes, but he didn’t like it, and Medvedev answered quite bravely and musically, which ultimately brought him the result.

Tim and Medvedev have met four times so far, Austria has celebrated three times. Whoever wins will have his first title in the Final Tournament.

The finals will be played on Sunday, at 7pm, with coverage on Sport Club 1.

The course of the sword

In the first two games, the players were confident in their service. But in the third, Russia threatened dangerously. He had three break points, however, failed to take away Nadal’s serve, which leads 2: 1.

After that game, there were no break balls, until the eighth game. Nadal hit three tie break balls on the Medvedev serve. The Spaniard mainly uses such opportunities, so even now he came to 5: 3 and the chance to win the first set with a serve. He did so, though Medvedev came in at 15:30, Nadal tied three points and took the lead in the sets.

But the loss in the first set did not discourage Medvedev at all. He continued to play his game, reached the first break of the match and took the lead 3-0 at the start of the second half.

In the next three games, both tennis players kept the service, followed by a Medvedev knelt in the seventh game. He managed to save one break ball, but the other failed and Nadal returned the break and reduced it to 4: 3. With that game, the match seemed broken, because after that, the Spaniard tied up two more and take the lead 5: 4 and have the opportunity to finish the fight on his serve and secure a place in the finals.

However, Danil Medvedev once again showed that he was a great fighter. In the match where Nadal served for the match, he took a break without losing a point and completely equalized the result in the second set to 5: 5. In the next two games, the two tennis players took their serve and went to that break. Medvedev made a small break almost immediately at 2: 1, kept it until the end, and then took another one for Nadal’s service at 7: 4 and equalized in sets.

It is now clear that the momentum is on the side of the Russians, who were on the threshold of an abyss.

Medvedev had a break ball in the first game of the third set, but Nadal eventually took the lead 1: 0. After three games played, there is no break in the deciding set and the Spaniard leads 2: 1.

Medvedev reached the second break opportunity in the set in the seventh game, having earlier earned his point with a brilliant and brave match. Nadal, just in cold blood, served just this second ace in the fight at this very moment. He fought for second, then for third, and this one turned into a break for a 4: 3 lead. In the end, Medvedev didn’t even have to serve to win – he won his service game and used the opportunity to do another break thus ending this duel.

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