Thursday , January 20 2022

What can cause bleeding of all the nose?


Epistaxis or influenza can also occur due to injury or infection, as well as blood clotting disorders, or high blood pressure.

Too much indoors can lead to drying of the nose mucus membrane and due to the appearance of bleeding of the nose. In addition to this, the most common reason, expert Dr Ljubinko Ljubojević tells of News that nose bleeding or epistaxis can also occur due to injury or head infection, as well as arterosclerosis, tumors, blood clotting disorders, blood pressure high. According to him, swelling of blood through the nose can be mild, but also life threatening.
"Most epistaxes are derived from the front of the nose of the web of the blood vessels in that part," explained Dr. Ljubojević.
Narrowing from the back of the nose is less common and it comes to patients with lower blood pressure …

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