Thursday , May 26 2022

WE ARE YOU FROM WHAT WE HERE NOW: The Region is very proud of the players of Croatian players for Novak Djokovic! | Sports


There is some joint connection and support between Novak Djokovic and Croatian players.

The best tennis player has always supported the national team of Croatia, and during the World Cup, when there was a big debate in Serbia, and on the other hand a number of "supporters" are great fans of & # 39; the Serbian player and follow and support.

That's how she was the final of the final Masters season in London.

Although only a few hours earlier, the game of England lost in a dramatic and dramatic way, and so he fired from a Division of the Nations League, appeared in the "Arena O2" to sail & # 39; the Serbian tennis player in the battle of the trophy.

Ante Rebic released a practice for Djokovic in London
Ante Rebic released a practice for Djokovic in London photo: Printscreen / Instagram / anterebic

It was published by Ante Rebic on her Instagram profile.

Unfortunately, Novak was not lucky and lost just like they did.



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