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WAR Aleksandra shook her head when Tara commented on her! Simova was annoyed at the job she did, so she mentioned BUJANOVAC! EVIDENCE WANTED Lepi Mića! (VIDEO)


U. The White House in the process of being nominated. Co-operatives choose between Aleksandra Nikolic i Nikola Djordjevic, who is the leader this week Alen Hadrović set for runners. It was her turn to nominate Sanja Stankovic.

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As for Nikola, we talked a little, he seems like a really good guy to me. She took away my friend you spend a lot of time with. I think you should be with a girl who is your ex’s site, and we all know who she is. As for Aleksandra, we didn’t have a good relationship, I don’t know if you’re involved in prostitution, and I’m not interested, but I don’t get you, so I’m sending you into solitude – said Sanja.

After Sanja, he got the word Tara Simov.

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Alex and I have known each other for 5.6 years through some mutual company, we didn’t hang out, but we did see each other before Cooperative 3, when his friend came to pick me up when I had a car accident. She told me that she has easy manners, that she works in a club that is immoral. During Co-op 3, when she went in, I didn’t know her, when we met, we hung out and found each other. But I don’t think Cooperative 4 brought it any good. You have shown yourself poorly, and I think you are a very good person, who shares and gives to others, but you are bad in yourself. You allowed yourself to talk badly about you, I understand you tried to make money on your own, but you chose the wrong way. I don’t know what that job is, but the Bujanovac is not clear to me either. I will not attack her, no one forced her to say those things about her life. It’s all a canon for reality, but you shouldn’t have bred it, you didn’t come here to confess all your sins, you allowed that yourself. No one is moral to us, we all did some bad things, but you didn’t dare say that here, especially really – said Tara, so Mića interrupted her.

Everyone has doubts about that for Alex, but no one has proof, and those things are presented here – shouted Mića.

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As women, it’s not appropriate for you to be associated with some pimps – says Tara.

Many hang out with a bit of macro, but they’re quiet – says Alex.

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I don’t have a nice opinion of you, and that’s it. When it comes to Nikola, she looked at me when she came in, we realized we had known each other for about 5.6 years, when I was a kid. We went out to kids’ clubs, we had the same company. He can be seen as a positive fool, he is positive, and I try to find his flaw, but I am not doing well. I honestly find that he appreciates and respects me, that he is very caring, that he is a very good and quality guy, but hopefully the harem will narrow. I send Aleksandar to solitude – says Tara.

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