Tuesday , August 9 2022

(VIDEO) YOU YOU DO NOT KNOW, WE YOU DO NOT RELATED! Miki Susan led out of isolation when she still caught her in lie!


However, what is particularly dangerous is the question that Milosevic made to his leader. Indeed, she asked her why Krunićka called Zerina's cloth, while Miki claimed that the question was: "Why did you say that Ljubić says the piece of Krunićka Zerina"?

They both fought hard for him, and then invited Miki Marko Stolic to confirm.

– How was the question raised? Miki asked.

"Why did you say that Zerina Jelena's ditch?" – he thought.

– The question asked me: Why did I just call a cloth! Why did not she do it up? Suzana asked.

– Drugarica protects you, she will not say! You do not have the balls to say! Everyone sees you doing crazy! You can not with the story convince anyone that you are very! You feel so terrible. You lie about us, you lie around such a nonsense. I will not let people laugh at you, the woman I would like to laugh at her! All of our problems have arisen, because you're lying! – says Mickey.

– You're doing everything beautiful! Do not pull on the tongue! – Suzana finished.

– You're a manipulator here and you're a murder, not me! – said Djuricic.

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