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Van Dyck as a "touch" spy of the Germans: the Netherlands in the first and first place!


German players with the Dutch played in Gelzenkirchen 2: 2 in Group 4 Group A, UEFA Europa League.

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The Netherlands, which was adequate and pointed first in the group, came to the rest of the time although the host took very early with goals 2: 0 Verner and Sane.

I'll first rank in the last League of Nations Championship because it has seven points after four games and a better score with France, which has many points.

Germany did not have the opportunity to go through the final tournament, but at the end of the game it was apparent that a heavy new blow had hit hard and scored the advantage of two goals.

The Germans were a better opponent in 75 minutes, the only Dutch in the last 15, but the forces did not play the rhythm of the first twenty minutes through time. If they were, they could easily drag the guests easily.

In this way they failed to return them for a heavy order of 3: 0 a month ago. Tomas Miler, as the keeper, recorded a record as he replaced Gnabria of the 65 minutes that played for the 100th time in the German shirt.

His team was already in the ninth minute with 1: 0. The first Virtuoso dog from Tunc Verner received ten meters of his goal, stretched out another step and then shot silently and defeated Silesian.

Liroy Sane doubled the leader in the 20th minute when he broke his left well and then luck hit the net for the second time in the net.

The ball bounced from the player's foot "lala" on the way to the goal, turned and cheated Silesian. The Germans could reach the third goal in the 40 minutes when Sulc scored, Serg Gnabri and jumped, and the Netherlands were fortunate because the goal of Gnabri was over by the goal.

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The Netherlands was banned by the Ryan Babel assault in the first half due to injury, but only in the second half he sent the first goal to the goal of Manuel Neuer. He shot the shot shot in the 55 minutes, Neyder was lightly defended, and the host defense worked great.

In the meantime, well, Verner, who stood out in the 62 minutes but once again the ball went past the goal.

Although in Half of Germany there were six players in orange shirts often at the time of an opponent's attack, and the pressure was not good, and the Germans were quite easy to get the ball.

Only in the last fifteen minutes, the Netherlands began to attack more aggressive, so Dayay was dangerous behind in the 77 minute minute when he walked by defending the competitors through the middle and then fired at an angle close Neeri

Bayern's Guardian, but "orange" scored a goal in the 85 minute record. De Ron, after a long strike, added to Promes, shot the corner of the penalty area and dropped his goal to 2: 1 with an attractive goal.

Kerr was a bit lightweight, although he was well placed. From all or nothing, the Kman of the Dutch decided to move because in the last minutes, Virginia Van Dyk was held and the center's "play".

This tactics paid six minutes after Champions and a complete shock after the Dutch center dropped Kim Co's leg on Coes Dyck's leg. The Liverpool defender was in danger, who hit the ball in the air, and Neuer could only catch his head, while the Netherlands celebrated 2: 2.

Switzerland, England, the Netherlands and Portugal have passed the final tournament and this tournament will be played between 5 and 9 June in Portugal.

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