Monday , January 17 2022

TUESDAY ON BWRZAS WORLD TUESDAY: the actions of technological cefters in Volstritt in a serious fall! | Planed


The S & P 500 New York Stock Exchange index index lost 45 points or 1.7 percent, reducing to 2,645 points, and now it is about 10 percent lower than the highest level recorded at the end of September.

The Dau Jones Industrial moved 568 points, or 2.3 per cent, to 24,442 points, and Applied Nasdak Technological by 184 points, or 2.7 percent, to 6,842 points. The Small Business Index, Racel 2000, 29 points, or 2.0 percent, slipped to 1,466 points.

Investors continued to "flee" from technological giants who have been leaning for growth in the stock market for years. "Epl" dropped 3.4 percent to $ 179.62 in the trading morning, while "Amazon" dropped 3.8 percent to $ 1.455. Microsoft's loss of 3.0 per cent of the price, and currently quotations at $ 101.50. The three stages of this year recorded incredible growth, but they have been experiencing major losses recently.

Losses on Volstrit today and "Boing", which dropped 3.3 percent to 310.43 dollars. The actions of technological companies were also among the most lost in Europe.

Nokia, the main supplier of telecommunication networks, signed 4.0 per cent, while its Swedish competition, Erikson, dropped 3.5 percent. SAP, which is about the development of cloud business and business software software, has over 2.0 per cent, and an Infineon Technologies chip manufacturer around 3.0 per cent.

German Index DAKS traded at 1.4 per cent, KAK 40 of France dropped 1.1 percent, and FTSE 100 London was 0.7 per cent.

In the Asian markets, Nikei 225 Tokyo scored 1.1 percent, Hang Seng slipped from 2.0 percent, and Kospi South Korea by 0.9 percent.

Nisana Japan shares rejected 5.0% in Asia due to the first reaction of traders to the news that the chairman of that company, Carlos Gosn, had arrested on payments that had been reducing the actual amount of his income in tax returns for years , abusing the assets of the company and it will be turned off.

The price of US "WTI" oil rose by 5.8 per cent to $ 53.84 per barrel in New York, while Brent North Oil dropped by 3.8 per cent to $ 64.28 in bargain in London. In the currency markets, worsening the dollar against Japanese currency was 112.40 yen of the previous level of 112.54 yen, and the euro dropped to $ 1.14 against the day before it was traded for $ 1.1453 .

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