Friday , May 27 2022

There is a retired copy of Self suicide in the center of a circle of circles (PHOTO) | Telegraph


It was found that the retired policeman D. P. (76) died today at 15.10 at a roundabout at the crossroads of the streets of Petar Ranđelović and the Bubanj Heroes in Good settlement of Ledena Stena.

Given that a pistol was found next to its body, and that the investigation did not show any suspicious circumstances, it was believed that D. P. had committed suicide. According to unofficial information, First, one shot shot to the sky, most likely to warn a number of people who passed, and after that he shot himself.

Acknowledgment says that D. P. has been suffering from cancer for a long time, and it is assumed that this is the reason for a fatal decision.

The police of Nis, at the site of the power of an invalid body, said an investigation had been held under the authority of the Senior Public Prosecutor's Office, and most likely to be suicide.

The first shot of D. P. was scanned in the air, Foto: Telegraph

(D. K.)

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