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The man who ordered the unit broke the "invisible" F-117A


Zoltan Dani, a retired colonel of the air defense in the Yugoslav Army, said he ordered the Yugoslav Army unit that broke the F-117A on the night of March 27, 1999, in the New Day it was a kind of plane " t less detectable radar "the most important thing to find in time. t

On the fourth day of NATO's intervention, a collapsed incident occurred primarily the legend of the "invisible" American fighter bomber F-117A. The whole world heard about a small village in Srem, from the name Buđanovci, where this plane was broken.

Days are a reminder that the Army has information that the bombs would certainly happen and that this would only be a matter of days when this happened.

"There's a big mistake they made, a big injustice to these people, towards this country. We didn't deserve it, we didn't deserve it, in any way, that that shouldn't have happened t . " Now, the people who were important at the time, now they're saying very differently, it's a big mistake, "he said.

It is said that NATO was expected to use the most modern weapons, and a plane "less accuracy of radar" like the F-117.

"But they pushed the F-117 plane unseen, it was an epithet to that plane that was supposed to close our eyes," Dani said.

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It explains that it is important to train a team who are working on finding targets, and that simulators are attached to the missile system.

"We were fortunate to have been practicing this simulator in February 1999", said the retired colonel.

Zoltan Dani reports that they were placed in the Šimanovci region in March 24 to 27 in a "silence order".

"We were supposed to be someone who would be surprised to the enemy. We only had a task to blur our situation, nothing to see, and then became a readiness command on the 27th of March. T We were ordered to turn the observed radar to see what kind of characters there are from our scope, "he said. T

He added that "four, five goals" had appeared and said that one of them went towards the "destruction zone".

"I asked for permission to do a fighting act to that end, we got the approval, and then she was left to follow her and leave her in a safe launch place where she cannot escape in practice. oh time, he has to work fast, our happiness and success was that hand tracking operators were very good – Drag Matic, Dejan Tiosavljevic and Senad Muminovic, who, as a driving officer , pressing the button, "said Dani.

The feeling was similar when the golgeter scored. Every March 27th we make socializing with the war friends and at 20.42 hours we make a cake in the shape of that plane, and yet we "destroy" one F-117.

Zoltan Dani

It is explained that the radar observed in the metallic range, as it was then, was easier in detecting aircraft known as this. stealth technology, and that it should be invisible for the centimeter range.

"The Ness radar is our centimeter range, but when it already reaches 15 kilometers, it is likely to be seen because it is a metal," said Dani.

It adds that diamond shape is F-117 and that electromagnetic radiation is reflected on different sides, and the smallest returns to the receiver.

"This means that the receiver will receive very little signal, as well, its surface is covered with some plastic material or a cover of between 1.5 and 1.7 millimeters thick. a layer on a molecular level with the task of absorbing electromagnetic energy, "he said.

Dani notes that the aircraft of this type has less moving capabilities and does not have high speeds, as well as flying most frequently at a height of 5 to 10 kilometers.

"This is an ideal height for us, it's an ideal goal for us, it needs to be discovered in time," Zoltan Dani said.

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