Monday , January 18 2021

The Google+ social network gives us the best to work on April 2


Google decided to close its social network last year, following a number of security failures, and the final date was moved to the beginning of April this year, after a 52.5 million user-friendly bag was discovered.

The latest technology announced that Google+ will no longer exist after April 2 and will detail the steps it will take until that day.

Initially tomorrow, February 4, users will no longer be able to create new profiles, sites, communities and events, the B92 website reported.

On the same day, the company will also note the possibility of using Google+ to comment on Blogger, although other platforms will have time to do it by March 7.

In the next couple of weeks, Google+ signing buttons will give you the best work and keys in Google will replace them, in some cases.

For those communities that have collected many interesting and important data, the company will give the moderators the opportunity to take them early in March.

However, Google-Suite users for G-Suite will continue to work. Soon, it should have a new look and new features, B92 reported.

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