Thursday , May 26 2022

Stevan Andjelkovic wants to be a father's role: It is important to establish a family in time


After a wedding, Stevan Anđelković has changed completely. He started coaching boxing and stressed that a man in his life had to underline the line sometimes. He said why he had done that, but also found that the first night of a wedding was "bad".

– The first wedding night, our guests were joining the door because they did not know how to get in, they did not know where they were based, as they were not from Belgrade. There's nothing to worry about. And then, after we set them, I fell asleep and seriously – Anđelković discovered in Exklusive and added:

– I do not use the burma, but I've been a long time ago. I did not believe in these stories earlier, but the girls find that Burm has a different approach immediately. Somehow they are more attractive to married men.

The singer said he had decided that it was a family-based time.

– Sometimes a man must underline the line. I was pretty relaxing enough. Some things have to be done in a lifetime, for example, that a man establishes a family – Stevan said and said he would like to become a dad.

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