Saturday , January 23 2021

Star for "philanthropy" and "ambitious person"

The decision that the Serbia club will play this year's final of the RBD playback
the league will be on Saturday night, by which time we will have all the opportunities,
enjoy "Serbia basketball charm".

Today is the official site of published text of the Red Star Crvena zvezda mt: s
headed "The Lord's Manners 2", which is very likely
represents the answer to Ostoji Mijailović on the assumption
a match played on Saturday.

Red Star congratulated mt: s the competitor on the victory, and immediately afterwards
he went on to an analysis of the “manners of morals” with which the President is involved.
Partisan spoke last week.

Red and white memories of events in Ness from 2017 and 2018.
a year, and again came to the conclusion that the KSF did not deal with it
"systemic robbery" occurred in February
final tournament "Radivoje Korac Cup".

On the official website of the Red Star Mt: s there are pictures
which supports the claim of failures in the organization of the revenu
game, and you can see and read everything HERE!!

A finalist will decide on the final of the ABA League play competition
The program is next Saturday.

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