Friday , May 27 2022

Smaller retail price of gasoline – Economy


In the last three weeks, average gasoline retail price has been reduced by 2 human beings and 71 pairs per liter, and diesel for 85 pairs, according to the results of the regular weekly analysis of the Serbia Oil Company Association.

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Fuel prices at petrol stations in Serbia, as well as in every country in the region, are falling under the influence of a reduction in gasoline and diesel stock quotes, and the reduction would be more intense than the dollar record the highest value in the last year, in relation to the euro and in relation to a fine.

The BRENT crude oil quote also decreased in the previous day and reaches $ 65.47 to a barrel on Tuesday, the last time it was recorded in mid-March this year, while on Wednesday and today it had already traded at prices which was over $ 66.

The crude oil price in the global market is the only one, but it's a very important pavement that affects fuel prices in every country of the world, but what speed will it be the jump or the reduction in crude oil prices affect prices at gas stations depending mainly on business conditions on each of the markets individually. The speed of the change in retail prices is the most serious, from country to country, when this is the case, sudden breaks in the world's oil market, as in the last four months.

In mid-August BRENT BRENT was sold for $ 70.76; October 3rd for 86.29 or 22% more expensive; The price would fall to $ 64.47 on November gas, a 24% discount. Such sudden changes in the source cause disturbance in all oil and oil derivatives market downstream, up to their own gas stations, but according to publications and most of the world's analysts, if There are no major political tensions, there is a stability of oil prices in advance, as a result of the balance of supply and demand in the global market. Otherwise, the average BRENT price this year is even 34% higher than last year and is currently just over $ 73 per barrel.

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