Thursday , October 6 2022

Serbian female leader and model found dead in an apartment! (FIDEO) – ShowBiz – Region – News


The model and leader Marija Ćurčić (25) have committed suicide today in an apartment in the Savski Venac, informing Kurir unofficially. It was the protective surface of many clubs, filming and commercial videos. He studied public relations at John Nezbit University, she was also a journalist – leader, but also PR. The model has become 16, and in the television channel, she went with the 17th on the local MTV channel, and it's the promoter and organizer.

Maria was born in Belgrade, and his roots from Congo were removed. In fact, her mother is from Congo, and a father from Serbia. "Dad was an ambassador, he met my grandmother, who's the same woman, so I got my mother," said Maria recently, who mentioned in an interview that she was very tough in childhood because it is different from other children.

Only a week before suicide, Marianne on her journey revealed to's daughter who wanted to stay anonymous. Ćurčić spent time with the company in Romania and she did not think he would take her life after a few days:

"We met on a trip to Brasov for Witch Night. It was very desirable, along with the group we spent together, dancing in parties, going to a trip, visited Transylvania castles … He talked about future trips, and he mentioned some new adventures. The suicide news was shocked to me! I can not believe she's getting her hand She! Otherwise, she was called Marijana as someone who loved life, spent … anyone who went out to clubs in Mradrade knew that. I met her in the city of the city and she was all time looks fun and chilata. I still do not believe "

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