Saturday , January 22 2022 / RS / The first Starbucks in Serbia in March in downtown Belgrade


The arrival of Starbucks on the Serbian market was originally published by the end of this year, but fans of the popular coffee shop will have to wait until the spring.

"During the spring of next year, people who like a good shopping at the Rajić Shopping Center will enjoy enriching your first day of everyday life with their favorite coffee. As well as shopping experiences that are # 39 Better than any shopping and restaurants with the beautiful look of the city, Rajić will allow customers to enjoy the desirable atmosphere of the world and all over 87,000 combinations of drinks you can book them in this place, "he said in an official release released by the Week.

Starbucks, on average, opens two stores a day, in its chain there are currently over 28,000 shops worldwide.

The Starbucks representative in Serbia is AmRest Holdings SE, the largest restaurant operator in Central Europe.

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