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Sberbank receives the World Branding Awards


Text published: 11/16/2016 10:38 AM

In the recent Branding Awards of the World, Siberbank received the best title of the brand in 2018, in the category of banks. This prestigious award for Sberbank has been for the third consecutive year.

Sberbank receives the World Branding Awards

"The successes of the Sberbank business have contributed to its recognition as a successful brand. The continued growth of the number of clients, the daily increase in mobile application users, the increasing loyalty of the customer, the development of new products and the quality of marketing activities are key factors in develop the brand.We are delighted that the professional community recognizes and recognizes our work and business. For Sberbank, this is just the start, "said Vladislav Kreynin, Vice President and the Sberbank Marketing Manager.

In determining the Brand of the Year Recognition Holders, the key evaluating factors were the company's performance in the field of business, market research, brand valuation and online voting, which included more than 200,000 voters worldwide .

"This important recognition has come to the moment when Sberbank, one of the most profitable financial institutions in the world and the leading bank in Russia, celebrates 177 years of existence. We are very proud that we belongs to the Sberbank Group, who has such a long tradition of successful business. Serbia Sberbank is one of the youngest banks in the domestic banking market. We have been in business for only 5 years, and it did not stop us, in a short time, to win the trust and loyalty of our clients. The plans that Sberbank has at a global level will not avoid Serbia, and now with great pleasure I can say that our clients will be able to use digital services and digital services up to Older, better and more modern, "said Aleksandar Milic, Serbian Marketing and Communications Director of Serbia.

The World Branding Awards in London was launched in 2014, a not-for-profit organization, the World Branding Forum. For the first time, the best Sberbank bank brand title was introduced in 2016 and then in 2017.

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