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Saša Popović did not have to call the police! I'll be watching it!


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Aca Lukas

I understand it

According to the information from the Serbian telegraph, Popovic reported to Lukas police after he saw "never late" in the show that the singer wore the same wrist watch that was stolen during the robbery of his house Bežanijska Kosa at the beginning of March this year. Lukas says he understands Popovic and responds, but not why he did not invite him.

AUDIT: Lukas heard about the robbery watching Saša Popović

– I do not know if Popovic reported or not, but that is not important. I understand it, however, it's a great value, so everything comes to mind! It could only have asked me, I would have brought him an hour, but it was good. My regular watch never ever bought skeptical origin – says folker.

According to him, the controversial question came to the police, but found that the investigation was not a stolen item because the serial numbers of the two products in question did not match.

Lukas: My regular work, never ever bought things from suspicious origin

– The police are here to do their job. I asked my watch to explore everything clean and regularly! In any case, I do not see something important now, "said Lukas.

He also says, as well as everything, that he wants to have a lot of luck to Popovic, and finally he is stolen and finds objects that have been stolen.

– I want Salet to find my work from all my heart! In other words, in Belgrade, this watch model is audemars piguet certainly there are hundreds of people! There may be a specific asshole that will buy a clock that has been stolen in Belgrade and will carry around the city! Surely, happy at a further investigation – came to the conclusion of the famous singer.


Saša Popović

The thieves took the safe

We remind you that the controversial theft held on March 8 this year is responsible for Vojislav Stojicic, 38, the general son of the police, Radovan Stojicic Badez (46), who was killed in August. He is accused of skipping a fence around 2.5 meters in height on March 8 this year, he went into the yard, and then in the owner's home of the "Grand Production", which was unlocked. Popovic made a gold nail and nine hours safe from his wife's bedroom, and the value of the objects brought was more than 12 million dinars.

Popovic is mad

On the occasion of this case, the "Grand" production company, owned by his Popovic, denies that Aca Lukas is being asked in police for a stealing watch, although the singer is in our confirm us!

– The "Grand Production" inscription show was surprised by some media inscriptions, which came on the front page in news that the police had questioned Aca Lukas for stealing his station. Note that Saša Popović is hearing for the first time, and that this is a famous art and information that aims to destroy the reputation of the singer above – said in a press release from Granda.

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