Monday , January 25 2021

Šarčević: Eliminate the employment ban in education

Minister for Education, Science and Technological Development Mladen Šarčević started an initiative to raise the employment ban in education.

"The removal of the employment ban will be very important for workers in education where around 25,000 people work for a limited period. These are mainly tenants, young people, who are in a very unfavorable situation, cannot. living as usual, to base their families, "said Sarcevic.

At today's meeting with representatives of the Fiscal Council, the minister added that the removal of the employment ban will also be very important for the birth rate, as about 96% of education workers are women.

Šarčević stressed that the abolition of the ban would not jeopardize the budget, because they have already been funded by the state treasury.

"It is counterproductive that around 25,000 people work on free standards, and for the fifth year they are in unfavorable status," said Sarcevic.

If the ban on employment at state level starts to begin, the educators will have to take advantage of the number, says Sarcevic, adding that the mechanism can be easily set up.

"For example, anyone working for more than a year could be employed on a norm. This can be a decree, by changing a law, it's a technical issue and a matter of goodwill," he said; the minister.

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