Thursday , September 29 2022

RTS :: Johnny Štulić denies Šerbedžija


"That story from Sherbedzija lies dark." Johnny did not call him for a walk around Zagreb, and he did not make a song, and they have never been friends, just outside, on his own wishes, he traveled with Mercedes to be with him It was great but quiet, however, he used this invitation to remove this poem and insert it without question, of course, to hide it, then shoot it down, and by This lies justifying the reason for its evil existence. "

Explanation of Mr. Stupid!

"I'm not growing up" at the beginning of September in Zagreb in Zagreb, in Youth Television – I confirmed that show for Tyube, on which occasion I spent a week in Zagreb, and that's my only go to the Jugi that year.

I did not meet Sherbedzija at that time. Next year, 90, I spent ten months in the South, playing, and then I met her twice.

Once Paed (in the piece) takes me to a place that he found himself (probably by appointment), he found an audition for the movie, but I quickly went out and went.

For the second time, when he was lunch, he expressed his desire to travel with me in his car (and I just got the cover for the last story, because it meant everything before saving a perfect crime), and here is # 39 ; the only truth that he is talking about.

"Palegari", where this song was found, was at the end of June, 90. (Surely it has been used since then, because its performance was officially held between 15/05/90 and 26/04/91, however, if it had used & # 39 , the song, then I do not know how the record was taken, unless this video did not use the TV), in any case, I did not know about that show until five or six years ago when that story came out in public.

I've never been friends with it, and I have never called it in my life (it is clear that he is the best description in his book), knowing very well he would never get the permission to use in the presentation, as it is otherwise, simply to devise the whole story as well, to erase even more, then & # 39 ; it's shooting, and now, in addition to the many years of performance (and other songs too), it also travels under the name and is alienated and the songs are abolished works (where he / she does a singer career).

This is 28 years since this assault and how to knit (more and more).

So that is the Croatian celebration, and is the Bosnian Georgian given to Serbia to fly to Brioni. "

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