Friday , August 12 2022

"Refuse" aims to return to Real!


He came to Real from Monaco as the first star of the World Cup
However, Brazil, after only three terms, went to search for minutes
among the "Bavarians".

James Rodriguez decided "Coffee Shop" – he wants to return among
"Los Blankose"!

At the end of the season, Colombian has a two-year loan in Bayern
Munich, discussions will be arranged between two clubs next month
– The exact date will depend on the progress of the German team in the league

"U. Madrid has everything, I have a lovely house and people. I see in
what will happen in the future, at present I have an obligation
Bayern. I keep regular contact with players from Madrid,
we'll see what will happen
"said Rodriguez after Bayern Munich
Enfildu Munich

For the rest of the Colombian in the "Aliance Arena" Bavarci by appointment
they have to pay another € 42 million, although they are still

James started the season with German champions, but in
Recently, it's getting increasingly into the game of the bench.

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