Tuesday , August 16 2022

Rainbow Six Siege arrives for the new PS5 and Xbox


Like other popular games for Xbox One and PS4, so too Rainbow Six Siege had its successor in the form of a game intended for PS5 and the new Xbox Series X and S. Ubisoft has described in detail what players can expect from the upgrade when it comes out on the first of December. For all three consoles, you will have the ability to play in better performance and resolution mode.

Rainbow Six Siege arrives for the new PS5 and Xbox

120 frames per second and 4K resolution

Xbox X to PS5 No Series, performance mode will target 120 frames per second, at 4K dynamic resolution, which means that the resolution will decrease in some cases, so that the game can keep a consistent number of frames per second. Less powerful The Xbox Series S will target 120 frames per second at 1080p resolution.

In the meantime, resolution mode will allow 60 frames per second while maintaining 4K resolution, while the S Series will have the same number of frames in a 1728c resolution. With a competitive game like Rainbow Six Siege, you are free to imagine how most players will go with performance mode and never switch to anything else. Anyway, it’s nice of Ubisoft to offer the ability to play the game with more fidelity, especially for those who do not have 120Hz TVs.

The update is free if you upgrade to the next generation version of the current console. So if you own a game on PS4, you won’t have to buy it again for PS5. Your progress and items in the game will be transferred to the new console. The only caveat here is that if you have a game on disk, you need a console with a drive to get the free upgrade.

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