Thursday , August 11 2022

Politika Online – On average, every citizen has 1,000 euros to the bank


Citizens are increasingly lending by banks and currently return about seven billion euros. Recalculating each citizen is forced to the bank about one thousand euros, even the one that was not owed at all. From the perspective of the World Bank or its office Belgrade, the problem is that citizens have cash loans of three billion euros, which is precisely the responsibility for housing loans. They explain that cash loans are more dangerous, because they do not go to investments, but are used. And when someone is overpaid, the likelihood of debt cannot be repaid.

On the other hand, bankers are looking for more relaxed citizens for cash loans.

– Our people are much less indebted than those in neighboring countries or the rest of Europe. For those seven billion euros is just one fifth of gross domestic product. Salaries are rising and are a critical factor in increasing debt, economic activity is increasing, all macroeconomic indicators are excellent. Inflation is low, the course is stable. In addition, the National Bank has limited the repayment of cash loans for a maximum of eight years. In short, we can not see the risks of increased lending – said one banker.

In Eurobank, they note that the trend of significant demand for cash loans and refinancing in 2019 continues, largely due to the stable market and good macroeconomic indicators.

– Fixed and favorable interest rates, as well as economic growth and rising employment, have opened up the possibility of additional borrowing and contributed to the growth in demand for cash loans. Dinar loans are the bulk of borrowing in respect of cash loans and loan refinancing, mainly due to preferential borrowing conditions, the stability of interest rate movements, about ten percent, and the confidence that citizens have in their loans. domestic money – say in this bank.

Erste Bank confirms that since the year, interest in cash loans and refinancing has been steadily increasing. The average cash loan taken is around 400,000 diets, and the current nominal interest rate for cash loans is 4.54 per cent, plus a three-month bibiborh, which is now around 3 per cent, so that the total amount is interest rate is about 7.5 percent.

Intesa Bank says that the growth of cash loans is constantly growing.

– At this time of year, the biggest result is preparations for the spring holiday or summer. Given the needs of the citizens in this period, we have prepared a special offer for clients who choose a cash cash loan with a nominal fixed rate of interest of 6.5 per cent, effective from 11.52 per cent. while the repayment period is 12 months. The first online realization of cash loans of up to 600,000 spokespeople was launched within 15 minutes of the application being submitted to the time they were delivered, without going to the branch. and without additional documentation, they say in this bank.

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